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Text Box: Benefits of using an interim

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Interim or permanent….?

Using an interim gives you significant advantages compared with employing someone on a permanent basis.

¨ With an interim you can draw on a vast amount of experience without having to commit to an employment contract. You only need to use the interim when you have the need.

¨ The interim’s reputation depends on successful achievement of projects. This means that there is a much better prospect of reaching your objective in the minimum amount of time, and without distraction from other issues.

¨ A good interim will give you an honest and independent view of the issues in your organisation. There is less danger of the person being influenced by “political” considerations.

¨ Despite the above point, a good interim will nevertheless very rapidly get an understanding of your organisation and its culture, as well as developing close working relationships with key stakeholders through the life of the project.

¨ The interim is unlikely to be bothered about status, and will be able to handle strategic and operational work equally well.

¨ An experienced interim is likely to have been exposed to a wide variety of sectors. This can be very helpful in broadening the focus of your own organisation to other cultures and ways of managing and motivating your people.

¨ Human resources is an expensive overhead: a good interim will never seek to empire build.

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